“In the Garden”

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I cannot remember when I didn’t know and sing this song. All my grandparents, aunts, uncles, mom, dad – they all sang it. (Download your free “MP3 of In the Garden”)

It was some years ago they quit singing it in churches. It was too much like a folk song. I spent hours in the woods in Tennessee, as a child, singing this song. And I love this arrangement written by Tina Steele Penn and played by The Door Ensemble,

My grandfather, Richard, was a traveling music teacher. He went from church to church and taught “Shaped-Note” music singing. Shaped note music was how early Americans, who were often illiterate, learned to read and sing that close country harmony we loved so much – back in the day.

My grandfather told the story of going to a music convention of one of the denominations (that he taught the churches to sing in) “Up in Nashville” and how there was a big controversy about leaving it out of the hymnbook because it didn’t have the “Son of God’s name in it. 🙂

Aren’t people funny. It is included in this album as a Historic gospel “folk” love song.

“In The Garden” performed by Ti Maria

I once heard Michael Card tell the story of his travels in the 1990’s in China. He said he spoke to a man who had been a political prisoner for “Religious” reasons. How he was never left alone to pray or sing. He wasn’t allowed. He was watched night and day and never allowed to even be in the dark, as the guards had to be able to see him. But one day he was assigned to cleaning out the cesspool. Which to us would be a giant open septic tank. When he worked, he was left completely alone. Michael Card said, “I asked him, what did you do then” and he answered I sang….

“In the Garden”

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