Literally Counting Down the Seconds till my new album: “Fear of Falling” is available!!!

Aaannnnnnndddd – it is coming January 26th!!! to all major streaming services

I seriously cannot be more excited. I admit. I was excited to see my new single: The Prayer do so well!

Title Card - The Prayer
New Single by vocal artist Ti Maria – The Prayer

And now I have released the first video “Rainbow Connection” from the “Fear of Falling” album, and I am getting more revved up!!!

And now, less than two weeks away is the online release of “Fear of Falling”

I have enjoyed working on this album SO MUCH over the last three years! It has some of my most favorite old standards, old POP songs, an original by Tina Steele Penn of The Door Music Company, and a couple of Gospel favorites!!!

Cover art for album "Fear of Falling" by Ti Maria
New album by female vocal artist Ti Maria

I CANNOT wait for you to hear it!!! <3 Listen on Spotify here: February 1, 2022

Please consider supporting me in my dream of becoming an Internationally Renowned Vocalist! This once seemed so um… unattainable. And to now be pursuing this in “Retirement” perhaps even more so… But it is happening, and you can be part of it!!!! Here

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