NEW Release!!! – The Prayer by Ti Maria

In celebration of the New Year Ti Maria is releasing her new single – The Prayer!

******* “The Prayer” by Ti Maria is now live on all major streaming services and on YouTube! ******

I am so excited to finally be releasing this song that I have loved SO long!

It means so much to me and speaks to me on so many levels and directions!

Title Card - The Prayer

Special thanks to Susan and Glenn Tabor at GAT3 Productions for helping make this happen on such short notice! AND to Engineer – Wade Starnes for being the very understanding and patient guy that he is with my, er, um,… process.

Now you are probably asking welllllll…. when????

I will be doing the pre-release on Spotify etc, hopefully around the 13th or 14 of January 2022. Because we only finished in the studio – today!!! But we have to give it time to “Populate” though the World Wide Web!!!

But. You, my friend, can get a preview…. here!

“The Prayer” by Ti Maria

Keep an eye out on your favorite streaming services for the release!

Thanks for listening to my MUSIC!!!

And since you are here..

Please consider supporting me in my dream of becoming an Internationally Renowned Vocalist! This once seemed so um… unattainable. And to now be pursuing this in “Retirement” perhaps even more so.


It is happening, and you can be part of it!!!! Here

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