Now the Streaming Services are Making ALL The Money

Have you noticed how so many vocal artists are now selling stuff that isn’t music???

It used to be that fans would buy albums in a record store or a big box retailer. But no more. Not much anyway. The only way for an artist to sell their products is to tour. Put out the cd’s, flash drives, and maybe even vinyl for fans to grab up on their way to the door.

But you say, streaming services…

Pay virtually nothing. Yeah. Again. The musician does not get paid. <Sigh>

That is WHY you see so many musicians selling “Merch” and creating a Patreon account. So they can continue making music instead of, you know, other stuff.

That being said, I, Ti Maria, am working as hard as I can to get my music out as fast as I can onto the steaming services where you can hear it! I hope you LOVE it! I am so very thankful to be able to even do this and would love it if you would like to share in this endeavor. If so, click here!


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