Our Prayer for All Those Suffering!

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Our world is turning upside down. It is so frightening we can hardly think. All we know is we must trust that God loves us and is watching over us in spite of all the evil around us! That in the end – He will bring us home!

The Prayer

You are not alone! You are loved!!! My heart is breaking with yours!

To Make You Feel My Love – There is nothing that I would not do!

Fear floods our lives! There is not hope, Evil attends every aimless thought. Shadows reach out to us, There is no place of safety.

Where can we go, how can we stand, We are so all alone, Who will help us, save us, we are drowning.

Into the Darkness He came dispelling all our fear! Into of our world shines His Light.

There is only one hope. The Prince of Peace.

I hope you are not alone. I hope your family is not at risk. But if you are look for help from above. Mankind can only do so much. But God can reach where mankind cannot! Can protect where people cannot! LOOK UP!

“You have laid aside your glory to bring us up to you!”

My heart is breaking for those in our world who are suffering! I cannot help you. I am only a person who sings. Far away from you. But I PRAY this finds you and encourages you. I have EVERY faith that JESUS loves you, and is watching over you, and will come to you, and hold you while you are in fear. Simply pray and ask Him! I cannot come to you. But Jesus can! He can comfort you, And hold you. Give you courage. And give you peace.

Faith is hard. Believing is hard. Trust is hard. But if you are in a place of suffering and no one is coming to help you, then think about trusting Jesus. He will not fail you!

Be Still My Soul -> This song says it all. That He holds us. And will bring us home in joy! So we can be still, and trust.

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