“Fear of Falling” Title Track of New Album by Ti Maria

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You’ve heard people say, “I’m afraid of heights” and the writer of this song, Tina Steele Penn of The Door Music says, “After a while I realized, it isn’t the heights I’m afraid of… it’s the falling.”

I put this song on the album as the title song, because it speaks to the concerns I have about starting something new. Like a music career.

I mean. Not because it is new.

But because I’m not. I’ve already lived a lot of life. People aren’t supposed to start a new career that is meant for “young people” when they are my age. And frankly, it requires some FAITH.

Faith that this is what God wants me to do. Faith that I’m not too old. Faith in you, my listeners that maybe you won’t be too critical. Faith in myself that I have this ability!

“Fear of Falling” could be about fearing “Falling” in love. Or trusting someone you do love. Or fearing a new direction in your life. Or even JUST trying something new.

There is a very old verse of poetry that says about God, “You enlarge my steps under me”, and another place “You make a wide path, so my feet do not slip”.

This song is about having faith to step out and be caught!

You can purchase a 48k/24bit FLAC file here. Or listen on your favorite streaming service after February 1, 2022