Wondrous Love –

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So happy to be releasing this new EP compilation of Worship Songs!

“What Wondrous Love is This”

Is about the wonder of Christ laying aside His heavenly crown to come and bring us up to his heavenly home; by sacrificing his life for us so that we could live with him there. Because He was resurrected it makes it possible for us too, to cheat death, and live forever in Heaven, where we will sing for all eternity.

“Near the Cross”

A beautiful old song about how much we need redemption, and the wealth of nourishment that knowing the living Christ, provides our souls. It reminds us that all of history from beginning to end is climaxed at the Crucifixion. That the payment for our sin was complete – on that Cross.

“He Was Wounded”

“He was wounded for our transgression”.

We recognize in our time, that everything comes with a price. Such is the redemption of our souls from the penalty of sin. None of us is without sin. But Christ still loved us so that he became like us. Human. Frail. Vulnerable. He entered into our world, suffered as we suffer, enduring indignity, untold pain and loss to purchase our freedom from death. A romantic notion, you think. Listen to this music and then your heart.

“Alleluia” The Easter version

An awesome inspiring response to the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ. A beautiful video of worship by new Indie female vocal artist Ti Maria. Produced by The Door Music Company, accompanied by The Door Ensemble. Arrangement and lyrics by Tina Steele Penn.

“In the Garden”

This version brings a modern look at this old hymn written in 1917. The story is that while the writer meditating on John 20, the scripture comes to life for him. He sees Mary and John and Peter at the empty tomb, because Jesus is resurrected and left. Mary turning and leaving through the garden, sees Jesus and recognizes him. The hymn is the writer expressing the joy of that.

“Softly and Tenderly” – When I was very little, I learned this old time Gospel song “Softly and Tenderly, from my grandparents. My grandad led the singing in the little white church down the road. In between the phrases he would sing the next phrase. So they learned it by “Rote”.

“Be Still My Soul”

This song by new female vocalist Ti Maria reminds us that everything is going to be well for us, as we trust in our Maker for each moment. Caring for us. Watching over us. Protecting us. Delivering us. Produced by The Door Music Company

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